ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger & Locator

ZUS is a truly smart USB car charger and car locator. It is not only the best USB car charger on the market, but also different from any normal USB car chargers in below ways.

Main Features:
* Best USB Car Charger: Max 4.8A output, fully charges 2 iPads in 3.75 Hours
* Smart Car Locator: Download the free iOS/Android app to locate your car in crowded parking lots
* German Design: Sophisticated European design that breathes class
* Top Quality: US Military MIL-STD-810G Grade. German Bayer PC + Titanium
* 2X Lifespan: Lasts twice as long as a normal USB Car Charger

ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger & Locator

100% Automated Car Locator
Plug in ZUS, Install free ZUS App, Connect, Done! ZUS automatically remembers where you’ve parked your car when your engine turns off. When you need to find your car, simply open the ZUS app. Further, it is outdoor-friendly. No cellphone signal is needed.
ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger & Locator

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