Spinflo: visualize the invisible!

Spinflo is a little gadget that allows you to play with patterns created by fluid in motion with just the touch of your hand!

It demonstrates the physics of fluid dynamics, or the movement of fluid. All around us, every day, we experience fluid dynamics, although we may not even know it! Air currents and water flows are examples of fluids in motion.

Spinflo’s body is made from aluminum and quartz glass to provide durability and a clean design.
Spinflo: visualize the invisible!

There are 4 colors for it’s aluminum body to choose from. They best reflect the micro powder and showcase the patterns.
Spinflo: visualize the invisible!

Animated GIF of the Spinflo in action:
Animated GIF of the Spinflo in action

Kickstarter video presentation of the Spinflo:

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