Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch – Smart Watch for iOS and Android Devices

Ticwatch 2 is an innovative smartwatch. With sleek design and our unique Ticwear OS, the smartwatch can be beautiful and powerful.

Get notification on your wrist, speak to Ticwatch 2 to get an Uber, set reminders or make a call. Want to go for a run? Go, and the watch tracks your steps and heart beats without a phone. So get one, and enjoy the beauty of technology.

Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch Video Review:


  1. I luckily stumbled upon this Kickstarter early and have had a few months to play around with it. I really enjoy the wrist band size and ease of changing the size
    It integrates well with other applications but does not utilize Android Wear.
    Kudos to the engineering team on the voice recognition software. It is quite precise even in the car with music playing, the watch can clearly (and correctly) understand voice commands. My Samsung gear 2 and LG Urbane are horrible with voice commands.

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