Rebelution Straightedge, Omniverse & TheCouch

If you love the look and feel of the iPad and really don’t want to ruin its vibe with a big, bulky case, then the Straightedge on UNIEA’s Rebelution line may be just the right case for you.

The edgy black design of the Straightedge gives you full access to the camera, buttons, and dock, and really shows off your personal style, while still retaining the look and feel of the iPad on the front.

The front pocket of the Omniverse features a rugged zipper and is large enough to fit some of the most popular smartphone designs, as well as earbuds, cables, and more!

TheCouch features ample room for your wallet and keys as well, keeping all of your personal belongings together in one place.

Rebelution Straightedge:



Video review of all of them:

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