The most expected gadget of this year: iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is now a reality. And everybody has something to say about it. The fanboys, as always, responded with applause. Others have some restrains. Myself included.

In my opinion, iPhone 5 is only a natural evolution of the iPhone 4S. Truth be told, it has a bigger screen. And a faster chip inside. But that is what I call normal, considering that the last Apple smartphone came out a year ago. I don’t find it revolutionary, a word used with too much ease by Apple officials.

The camera has 8 MP, as the iPhone 4’s camera. But now, it can do panoramic photos. Nothing new here either!

All in all, iPhone 5 is what everyone thought it will be. Gone are the days when Apple surprised us. Nonetheless, it will probably be sold in great numbers. Because it does have a fruit logo on it, after all.

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