hipKey iPhone Tracker

Hippih was showing off Hipkey at CES 2013. Hipkey comes as a small aluminum device that you are meant to attach to your keychain or other personal item. The device will pair up with your iPhone and then provide a digital leash for your device.

You can set it to detect between small (2-5m), medium (15-20m) and long (30-50m) distances between the devices and then trigger a sound and vibration alarm.

The free to download software seems very well designed and also offers other related functionality.

Alarm Mode: Warns you if you forget your iPhone or iPad or if someone attempts to steal it.

Child mode: Alerts you if your child wanders too far away from you.

Motion Mode: Put hipKey in your bag and you are alerted if someone moves it.

Find Me Mode: Quickly find your iPhone, iPad or your keys at any time.

It will be available on the Online Apple Store on January 15th for $89.99.

hipKey iPhone Tracker

hipKey iPhone Tracker

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