Ex Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5

iPhone5Mod has launched this really cool case available to purchase for $49.90. It’s called the EX Hybrid Controller, and it’s one of the most creative iPhone 5 case designs I’ve ever seen.

It’s an ultra-thin aluminum keyboard that’s just 2mm thin. There’s a case that you fit onto the iPhone 5 first, which allows the keyboard to attach to it via strong magnets.

There’s also a gamepad that’s made of the same materials that can also sandwich itself in between the keyboard.

The keyboard itself connects via Bluetooth 3.0.

Whether you’re a gamer, blogger or even an office user, we might have the perfect solution for taking your old tired keyboards to the next level.

Ex Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5

The keyboard and controller each need a 1 hour charge but will get you 40 hours of use.

The video below gives perfect examples of how simple the EX Hybrid is to use.

Ex Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5

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