The Facebook Phone: Zuckerberg’s way of making mobile money

The world’s biggest social media site has serious issues on the mobile segment and the first time everybody had that thought was back at the IPO moment.

That’s why they try so hard to breach this market. They are even willing to build their own smartphone with a little help from HTC.

What’s more, Facebook is said to work at its own mobile operating system. Zuckerberg paid good money to former Apple programmers for this.

The deal is that Facebook knows that users are shifting to mobile and that’s where the advertising should take place. If they can make a succesful mobile device that ties the user with his Facebook account all the time, they can show a lot of ads on that platform.

Which equals money for the investors, which in turn means growing Facebook stocks. Bam, everybody’s happy!

Speaking of which, Facebook stocks have tumbled 23 percent since its IPO, which took place on May 17. The decline came due to concerns that the company isn’t making enough money from mobile advertisers.

HTC’s Facebook phone should be on the shelves in mid-2013. Good luck with the new phone!

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