Stop Doorstop

Comic Book Stop Doorstop by Suck UK! This fearless silicone rubber doorstop will save the day in any door-related crisis! Have you been the victim of poltergeist door slamming and terrifying draughts? Well worry no more! With the Comic Doorstop your doors will remain well and truly open – it has a super grip bottom and comes in a range of bright colors to resist even the biggest and baddest of doors! The Comic Doorstop color is chosen at random – colors include yellow, green, pink, blue and orange.

Stop Doorstop:
Stop Doorstop

Made from silicone rubber
Measures 12.2 x 2.5 x 5.6 cm
Colour chosen at random – including blue, orange, yellow, pink and green
Ready to keep open even the biggest and baddest or doors!

Stop Doorstop Multiple Colors:
Stop Doorstop Multiple Colors

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