PixelFlash USB Card Reader

The PixelFlash CF readers are specifically designed to stop the dreaded “bent pin syndrome” that all the value priced CF readers suffer from. The PixelFlash readers are meant to work when you need them without requiring your delicate touch. From now on, you won’t have worry about being extra careful every time you engage the CF card into your reader. So, get to work, our pins won’t bend or break!

PixelFlash knows once you’ve made the investment in a high speed CF card, you’ll need a USB 3.0 Card Reader to match. It’s why we designed our PixelFlash USB 3.0 SuperSpeed CompactFlash Memory Card Reader. With read speeds up to 500 MB/s and transfers up to a smoldering 5GB/s, you can move your images and video in a fraction of the time. Our card reader gets busy with the busy work, so you spend less time staring at a progress bar and more time shooting.

Not using USB 3.0? Not a problem. PixelFlash SuperSpeed USB CF Readers are not only backwards compatible with USB 2.0 interfaces, but transfer significantly faster than other USB 2.0 readers. Since our CF reader is small and rubberized, you can throw it in the bag for transferring files on-site with ease. Or keep it at home with a tiny footprint in your work area. Either way, when combined with a PixelFlash CF card, you have a blazing fast external hard drive that fits in your pocket. That’s portability and convenience you can work with, no matter where you go.


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