Quicktionary 2 Premium Mobile Scanning Translator Pen

This device is smart enough to translate not just individual words, but also phrases and idioms.

It identifies inflected words and displays their corresponding entries. A built-in speaker can read the scanned English text aloud, and the scanner also features an earphone socket for private listening.

The Premium Chinese version can recognize both English and Chinese Simplified text, letting you translate in both directions. A unique algorithm divides the Chinese Simplified strings into their corresponding word segments, giving you an accurate translation.

In addition to translating, it also functions as a dedicated text scanner allowing you to scan up to 500 pages of text at 400 DPI, store it on your pen, and transfer it to any Windows-based application on your PC, PDA, or Smartphone. The Quicktionary 2 Premium has both USB and IrDA connectivity.

Quicktionary 2 Premium Mobile Scanning Translator Pen

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