Gas Spring Dual Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

This deluxe dual arm computer monitor mount offers an attractive way to display two monitors while saving the most amount of desk space. Staring at a computer screen that’s not eye level can cause neck and eye strain, as well as painful back problems. Our patented monitor mount offers a wide range of features that our competitors don’t offer. Quality craftsmanship, impressive functionality and a sleek design make this the best computer accessory for home or office.

Gas Spring Dual Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

1. Both arms easily adjust to support an ergonomically correct workstation; sit more comfortably at your desk while reducing neck, eye and back strain.
2. Gas spring hovering system gracefully adjusts monitor height.
3. Both arms rotate horizontally 360 Degree (180 Degree in each direction).
4. Durable hardware supports clamp or grommet installation.
5. Effortlessly share your screen with coworkers; reduce glare with a simple tap.
6. Cable management system organizes wires for a tidy desk.
7. Extend or retract monitor arm; rotate monitor to landscape or portrait mode.
8. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and professional quality plastic.
9. Torque control valve regulates arm movement.

Gas Spring Dual Arm Desk Monitor Mounts In Use

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