Bag Butler

Fill leaf bags fast. Just rake leaves and debris right into the bag. No bending over. No touching leaves or debris. Textured finish is easy to clean. You can use it year round in the yard, camping, recycling, picnics, field events (it’s like a folding portable trash can), in the shop, anywhere, anytime you use trash bags. Made from solid, heavy duty 100% recycled plastics (NOT corrugated plastic and NOT cardboard). Completely assembled, no parts to loose, Patented, easy to use, and lasts for years. Simple to use, just fold the Bag Butler creating tension, slip into bag, and release. The Bag Butler’s spring like action instantly pops the bag wide open so you have both hands free to do the job. Stand it up to empty your grass catcher, or lay it down to rake leaves and debris right into the bag. Fill a leaf bag in less than a minute! Also available in 2 packs for extra savings.

Bag Butler – Video review by Dick DeBartolo:

Bag Butler

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