Air Cork Wine Preserver

Do you ever want just one glass of wine, but worry that the rest will be wasted unless you finish the entire bottle? Rest easy. Air Cork protects your wine from oxidation while allowing you to enjoy your wine tonight and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Air Cork is intuitive, simple and easy to use. It provides an airtight seal no matter how much wine is left in the bottle.

To use, lower the balloon end into the bottle until it reaches the top surface of the wine. As you pump, the balloon floats and seals itself to the side of the bottle to provide an air tight seal from the inside of the bottle. When you’re ready to enjoy another glass, simply squeeze the valve until the balloon completely deflates. Lift it out of the bottle, blot it dry or rinse it off.

Inflating the balloon until 1-1/2 Inch is showing as pressed to the bottle side should inhibit oxidation and keep your wine at its peak for about 3 days. The Air Cork allows you to avoid losing the beautiful aromatics of your wine or pouring into smaller bottles to eliminate excess air when storing your wine, all while seeing that it’s working from outside of the bottle.

The balloon is manufactured in the USA and is constructed of natural rubber latex, a bio based elastomer material. All ingredients in the balloon meet US FDA standards for food contact. In no way will it affect or alter the taste of your wine. The Air Cork is designed for standard wine bottles only, 750-ml bottles or smaller. Enjoying your wine within 3 days of opening is recommended. Rinse with water, blot dry and store your air cork in its convenient pouch.

Air Cork Wine Preserver

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