Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods

Renowned for creating efficient and simple wine storage solution, the Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods by vindegarde is designed to unveil the versatility of your vintage collection. The modular design concentrates on stacking your wine bottles in a horizontal mode, thus making the wine labels be at good view for you to find. You no longer need to go through tags and take hours searching for that one bottle you desire the most at a time. These rods make that whole process a breeze and more importantly, visually elegant too. One power drill is the only tool which is required for installation which once done, can make your wine storage area of the house look minimal as well as luxuriously chic.

Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods:

Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods Close-up:

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