Seatylock Trekking Seat & Bike Lock

The Seatylock is an innovative product that functions as both a bicycle seat, as well as a bike lock. And with a few easy steps shown in our video, you can quickly convert from one to the other.

The seat lock was designed to fulfill two needs – it can be used as a seat while you ride, or it can be converted into a lock while parking. And since it functions as a seat while riding, it does not interfere with the quality or smoothness of your ride.

In fact, with several color options, as well as sizes, it can be the newest accessory for your bike. When used as a lock, since the saddle converts into the lock, saddle theft will become a thing of the past. The ease of change between these two stages is extremely simple, and should take no longer than 10 seconds.

Even though the device does not seem as protective as other overbearing locks, don’t let that fool you. This seat was designed to be as secure as it is comfortable and stylish.

Seatylock Trekking Seat & Bike Lock

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