Project Shield – PC Games On The Go

Nvidia surprised the CES 2013 crowd by revealing a product with a very specific focus: mobile gaming. Project Shield, or “Thor” as Nvidia president Jen-Hsun Huang mistakenly called it, attempts to get a handle on Android gaming with a game controller and attached 5-inch screen.

Nvidia is getting into the handhold gaming market with Project Shield, which is interesting because the massive failure that is/was the PS Vita should be a clear warning sign for any company not named Nintendo and their army of Pokemon obsessed, DS-wielding children to avoid.

But, at least they are doing something truly different, in what looks like an Xbox 360 controller with a phone attached to the top.

It’s run on the Android OS and allows you to play games purchased via Google Play or access full-blown PC games with Steam.

Project Shield - PC Games On The Go

Project Shield - PC Games On The Go

Video of Nvidia Project Shield

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