PickMaster Plectrum Punch

Pickmaster is a must have for all guitar heroes. Whether you’re a private Jimi Hendrix who only allows your bedroom walls to hear you strum or a fully fledged pro, Pickmaster will keep you in the best and baddest plectrums for as long as you like. What the Pickmaster allows you to do is make plectrums out of any old card you no longer use.

Whether its an old loyalty card for a store you no longer need or an out of date credit card, simply slide it into Pickmaster, give it a push and “voila”, you have yourself a completely original plectrum all of your very own. Plus, slide it in at the right angle and you can make your name appear on the plectrum itself. How cool is that? Don’t answer that. You don’t need to.

Ever picked up your guitar but haven’t been able to find a plectrum? Well there’s no need to go rooting around under your drawers or in the back of the car for one anymore. With the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch, you can make as many as you want, whenever you want. All you need is, say, an old credit card to help you produce amazing, custom plectrums.

PickMaster Plectrum Punch

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