Outdoor LED String Lights

The LED String Light is a functionally versatile, can illuminate your room, creating ambience and mood with a flip of a switch. Cost-effective and energy-efficient with direct plug-in power. Ten levels of brightness and dimness control mean you can adjust the lights to fit your needs. The lights are moldable and can be wrapped around almost anything, i.e. stairs, tables, chairs, balcony, or bedroom, anywhere you can imagine. Connected by an insulated copper wire, it won’t overheat even after long hours of use. The LED lights have an IP65 weatherproof rating which means it can survive humidity and light water splashing.

Outdoor LED string lights in a jar:
Outdoor LED String Lights in a Jar

Outdoor LED string lights kit:
Outdoor LED String Lights Kit

Outdoor LED string lights on a Christmas tree:
Outdoor LED String Lights On A Christmas Tree

Outdoor LED string lights remote:
Outdoor LED String Lights Remote

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