Oivo – The Smallest iPhone Charger On-the-go

Oivo is a charger disguised as a key ring. So small that it fits neatly into your pocket. That way, you can always have it with you, always ready to recharge a drained smartphone battery. It doesn’t need cables or AC power, just four ordinary AA batteries. Oivo was designed for a life on the go, featuring a sturdy and splash­proof construction. At the core of Oivo, there are 10 strong neodymium magnets that have a dual role. When Oivo is just a key ring, they hold the two halves tightly together. When the charger is in use, the magnets are responsible for making sure the batteries stay in their place. Although they are strong, the magnets are positioned in a way to keep smartphones and credit cards safe. The design allows the use of Oivo while making a phone call. Oivo fits snugly into the palm, so you can make that important phone call as soon as your iPhone wakes up.

Oivo on key chain:
Oivo on key chain

Oivo on the table with batteries:
Oivo on the table with batteries

Oivo as a stand/holder:

Oivo as a stand - holder

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