Nao Robot

This 2′-tall robot responds to over 500 voice commands across 19 languages, making it the most widely used android for research and education. The product of eight years of development from a global, open-source community of programmers, the robot comes with its own library of behaviors, but can download new routines through a WiFi connection. The points of articulation in its limbs are so precise that the robot can pick up and hold objects with its hands, walk across multiple floor surfaces, scratch its head when puzzled, or even stand up from being knocked over.

Two built-in camera sensors learn to identify items, obstacles, and faces, while the directional microphones recognize human speech and allow it to respond from an internal speaker.

Surface-mounted tactile sensors respond to touches like a pat on the head, while infrared emitters turn on appliances remotely at its owner’s command.

Operates for up to 90 minutes from a three-hour charge of its built-in battery using an included AC adapter.

A lightweight, precision-machined aluminum composite frame and injection-molded plastic covering provides a strong frame and exoskeleton.

Nao Robot Video:

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