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Every photo and video you’ve ever taken all in one place. Lyve Home securely stores every photo and video you have; organizes them by date and displays them for you in a simple, beautiful timeline. And with 2 terabytes of storage, space isn’t an issue. Accessible from any of your devices. Like most people, you’ve got photos and videos stored on your phone, computers, external hard drives, SD cards – even in the cloud.

Lyve Home not only puts your entire library in one place, it lets you view everything – in full resolution – from wherever you happen to be. Automatically backed up and ridiculously easy to set up. Plug in your Lyve Home and download the app. Lyve immediately begins collecting all of your photos/videos from all of your devices to build a single, backed up, and duplicate-free library. As you capture, Lyve will continue to add new photos and videos to your library.

Lyve Home:
Lyve Home

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