iClever BoostSound Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Backlight

iClever BoostSound is the first speaker to entice more than one sense, being both crystal clear and stunningly beautiful. With it’s innovative design, flawless steel mesh, and matte finished rear body. It’s the sound system that blends seamlessly into any home decoration, exudes elegance, and catches both your eyes and ears. Put simply, it’s the BoostSound that puts the premium on beauty.

iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Backlight

The BoostSound premium speaker stands out from the crowd with it’s stunning, innovative design. From it’s matte white rear casing to the coolness of it’s aluminum alloy mesh, BoostSound is neutral and distinctive, understated and beautiful. The Aux-in port, micro USB charging port and extra TF card are tucked, hidden away in the small of it’s lower back. BTS09 blends seamlessly into your home décor, be it bedroom, bathroom, or beyond.
iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Backlight

Because sometimes a melody hangs in the purr of those lower notes. Listen as BoostSound 09 floods your livingroom with the depth, dimension and soul that can only be provided by it’s DSP and Inter-IC Sound technologies. Pair that with dual passive radiators, 2 10W full range drivers and Hi-Fi sound playback, and you’ve got a friend that can light up the room, or take it down slow.

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