Holiday Scene Projector for Halloween & Christmas

This is the projector that displays animated, three-dimensional paranormal Halloween scenes or jubilant Christmas scenes out a window or on a wall.

The included projector displays lifelike zombies, skeletons, and apparitions up to 6′-tall on the inside of a window, making trick-or-treaters think your home is being overrun by the paranormal. The 30 minutes of video also includes Christmas scenes such as Santa munching on cookies while checking his list before leaving presents under the tree. The video can also be displayed on a wall, adding festive spirit to holiday gatherings by displaying up to animated silhouettes of werewolves and vampires or full-color Christmas-decorated hearths with crackling fires. The video footage also has sounds like Santa bellowing “Merry Christmas” or ghouls releasing a primal, blood-curdling scream.

Includes eight scenes (three Christmas and five Halloween) on an SD card.






Check the video below:

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