Fluance Fi50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Transport the concert into your home with the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Wood Speaker System. The Fi50 combines Fluance sound quality and wireless Bluetooth connectivity together into one powerful and elegant audio system. The Fi50 provides a pure listening experience that recreates the performance the way the artist intended.

Superior Audiophile Sound Quality
Powered by aptX premium audio technology, the Fi50 delivers crystal clear, high fidelity sound from your smartphone or tablet. This premium system produces unprecedented audio reproduction with clean, undistorted bass, a warm midrange, and transparent natural highs at any volume level. Amplify your audio with room filling sound. Using the equalizer, your music can be fine-tuned to your performance preference.

Premium Quality Audio Components
The Fi50 Bluetooth speaker system offers high fidelity sound that you would expect from a Fluance home theater system. The two high grade woven glass fiber drivers execute a faster response resulting in a broader dynamic range. The dual coaxial tweeters ensure every high note is heard in detailed clarity. The powerful integrated amplifier executes extreme accuracy for a well-defined sound.

Solid Wood Cabinet Design

Fluance is dedicated to developing only premium sound. The Fi50 undergoes the same meticulous craftsmanship as all Fluance home theater speakers, including a high quality wood cabinet design. Unlike plastic speaker enclosures, the Fi50 is hand-made with audiophile grade MDF wood to suppress resonance for accurate response, increased warmth and an overall more natural sound.

The Freedom of Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
Setup is extremely simple. Wirelessly pair your audio device and you’re set. Using auto pairing technology the Fi50 automatically connects your device as soon as it is within range (33 feet).

Fluance Fi50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

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