Cute Pet Automatic Toothpick Dispenser

Have you ever been in need of a toothpick and you didn’t know where to find one? What if it was right there on the table or counter for you at any time you needed it? What if it was dispensed from a cute and fashionable pet designed toothpick holder? This isn’t some cheap novelty item. We’re talking about a fully functional and fashionable item that will have all of your friends and family asking where you got it. As you can see, this cute pet automatic plastic toothpick holder is the best way to dispense toothpicks. Whether for your guests, your own dinner table, or to decorate at a restaurant or other place of business, these toothpick holders make an excellent choice. They come at a reasonable price and they are made from durable plastic mold that is made to stand the test of time. Our goal is to make a very cool and cute toothpick holder that is right there when you need it. It looks great, it’s handy, and it’s affordable!

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