BenQ treVolo – World’s first Electrostatic Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

This speaker system combines regular 2 woofers for low notes with two electrostatic driver fold-out wings for clear mid-range and highs. Folded, it’s small enough for travel and BenQ says it will play for up to 12 hours on a full charge.

The treVolo electrostatic Bluetooth speaker. Now discriminating listeners can finally hear their favorite vocal and acoustic music the way it was meant to be heard, wherever they happen to be. BenQ treVolo is the world’s first portable Bluetooth speaker with electrostatic technology, enabling astonishing clarity and absolute precision on the fly. Electrostatic technology, formerly only available in high-end listening room speakers, delivers superior sound quality that transports every note cleanly and crisply. Better yet, its elegant Euro design with collapsible wings and bi-directional sound adds a touch of class wherever you go with your eVolo. Nothing else even remotely comes close.

BenQ treVolo Image:
Benq TreVolo - World's 1st Electrostatic Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

BenQ treVolo’s electrostatic technology delivers precision vocals and harmonies the way they are meant to be heard. Dual amplification and precision-tuned speakers deliver clean, accurate sound to please even the most demanding audiophile. It has a sleek metallic housing and foldable wings. Integrated noise-canceling microphone enables you to sound crystal clear on your phone.

BenQ treVolo review by Dick DeBartolo:

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