49 Port USB Hub

49 port iPad Syncing Hub The DS-IP-SC-49. It is designed for professional use to allow the simultaneous syncing of up to 49 USB devices (including iPads, iPods, USB jump drives, and most cell phones and other USB devices.

While this is intended for use as a USB hub for purposes of communicating between a host and USB devices, devices that can be re-charged by a connection to a powered USB port may also be able to be re-charged when connected to the DS-IP-SC-49.

This is not a universal USB charger and is subject to the limitations of standard USB specifications. It also does not charge in standalone and requires a host connection. For centralized management control, license/content management and technology deployments, this a great solution.

49 Port USB Hub

A single station in a tech center, library or IT department can simultaneously sync 49 iPads. It can even be used for other USB devices such as USB-connected cell phones, scanners, etc. Imagine rolling up cart-loads of iPads and syncing them at a single station – quickly and easily. Combined with other charging and security solutions from Datamation Systems, the DS-IP-SC-49 lets you create the most effective, affordable, convenient simultaneous syncing solution for your iPad and other USB device deployments.

49 Port USB Hub

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