ZeroChroma VarioClear 5 for iPhone 5

One of the companies on hand is ZeroChroma, they make innovative and cool accessories for your mobile devices.

They created ZeroChroma VarioClear 5 for iPhone 5. The Vario Clear, as the name suggests, has a transparent section so your shiny iPhone isn’t entirely hidden away.

The sides are made from a rubbery material, so it’s easy to take the iPhone 5 out and put it back in the case.

The Varioclear 5 is a versatile protective case that measures 4.68 x 2.55 x 0.56 inches, weights 0.066 lbs, and designed for iPhone 5.

ZeroChroma VarioClear 5 for iPhone 5



The Varioclear 5 iPhone 5 case is available in 4 colors.

Check out the following demo video first.

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