Unlace – Twistable Lace by Dante Pauwels & Cindy Glass

Unlace, a colorful, rubbery, twistable lace for untangling knotty problems with cords, cables, or any other loose end driving you mad.

I like the look of Unlace, Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels’s fully funded Kickstarter project to make rubber-over-wire faux-shoelaces that can be used to tame cable tangles.

The Unlace is reusable and has a silky matte silicone finish with the texture of a shoelace.

These colorful accessories are bendable and twistable into a myriad of shapes, designed to secure cables and cords into neat loops or bunches.

The reusable Unlace cords are made with silicone and have a silky matte finish that has the look and texture of an actual shoelace.

The Unlace Rainbow Set. Eight 10″ Unlaces – one each in white, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, silver, and black.

In addition, a little imagination, and “laces” can be used for other purposes, such as “blind” stand for iPhone.

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