Toas-Tite Pocket Sandwich Grill

Toas-Tite XL Long Handled Pocket Sandwich Grill makes toasted pocket-style grilled sandwiches quick and easy! Styled after the original 1949 Toas-Tite, the extra-long handle makes it perfect to use in the fireplace, over a fire pit and campfire or on the BBQ grill. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, too. Toas-Tite is how to make grilled cheese even more fun and delicious. The possibilities for sandwich ideas are endless! Make western omelet or waffle and berry sandwiches for breakfast, pizza pockets for lunch or snacks and sweet s’mores or apple pie pockets for dessert.

It’s like a personal Panini press and sandwich toaster that can take on any of your favorite sandwich recipes!Made from sturdy aluminum with steel rods and hardwood handles. Recipe ideas and instructions included. Makes a great nostalgic gift. Made in the USA.

Toas-Tite Pocket Sandwich Grill

To cure your Toas-Tite grill before first use, wipe vegetable oil over the inside surface of each aluminum grid. Close and heat over a moderate heat to cure. Now it’s ready to grill delicious pocket sandwiches! Simply spray a light coating of cooking spray the inside surface of both sides. Place one slice of bread into the Toas-Tite. Layer with your favorite fillings and cover with the second slice of bread. Close the Toas-Tite grill, lock the handles to seal the pocket sandwich and pull away any excess bread. Grill until done, serve and enjoy.
Toas-Tite Pocket Sandwich Close-up

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