The Original Clack Egg Opener

Egg-Specially Easy – Sit back and let gravity do all the work for a change with this easy to use egg cracking kit. To use, place an egg in your egg holder before placing the stainless steel clacker over the egg. Simply raise the ball and let it drop to crack your egg without making a mess! Were you egg-specting it to be this easy?

Become An Egg-Spert – This eggshell cutter is perfect for any sized egg you need hatched! The Clack egg opener is designed to work with small, medium, and large eggs. Get your chickens in a row because this egg splitter can crack duck and goose eggs as well! Use with raw, soft, or hard boiled eggs and get ready to Clack with this egg topper!

The Original Clack Egg Opener

Clackity Clack Don’t Look Back! – Don’t worry, the eggshell cutter is not sharp, so it is safe to keep around your kitchen if you have pets or kids. The Clack uses a combination of gravity and the weight of the stainless steel ball to pierce eggs, completely safe and easy to use! Cleanup is a breeze too thanks to the dishwasher safe design. Discover new ways to “drop the ball” when kicking off fun celebrations with the Clack!

Eggs Over Easy Kitchen Helper – Who doesn’t need a hand when cooking or baking? Anything that helps eliminate messy cooking in the kitchen is always a welcome addition, plus you never have to worry about eggshells finding their way into your food with the Clack! Making everything from scrambled eggs to fluffy muffins is that much easier and cleaner thanks to Clack.

The Original Clack Egg Opener

Give The Gift That Keeps Giving – If you know anybody who loves baking or cooking with eggs, the Clack is the perfect gift for them. This egg cracker topper will provide years of easy crackin’ kitchen fun for anyone ranging from kids to adults. Every Clack will bring smiles while creating timeless recipe memories for you and your loved ones!

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