PadTab Tablet Wall Mounting System

An innovative iPad and tablet PC mounting solution that gives you hands-free, fingertip access to your digital world.

You can do amazing things with the iPad and coming wave of tablet PCs, but to truly tailor the experience in your home, you need an easy way to put your device at your eye-level or within your arm’s reach. Whether it’s on the fridge door or in the master bath, the PadTab mounting system makes sure your device is always at hand, wherever you may be.

The PadTab mounting solution is thin and clear. The TabClip can be applied to walls, cabinets, doors, refrigerators, and other surfaces without the need to drill, and can be painted to color-match the wall surface. What’s more, PadTab can be installed without any tools using its industrial strength adhesive.

PadTab Tablet Wall Mounting System

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