Magnetic Bottle Hanger

Most people find it very difficult to keep their fridge well organized. As a result, they simply end up throwing things in, up until the very moment they open the refrigerator door and everything comes falling out. If you would like to save yourself from all this mess and trouble, you have come to the right place.

This is the ultimate magnetic bottle holders which are exactly what you need! These extra strong magnets can hold bottles, jars and even cans! These amazing bottle holder magnet strips will make organization a piece of cake for you!

The durable ABS material they are made of assures unmatched longevity. In addition, each of these heavy duty magnets can securely hold up to 1.5 pounds!

Thanks to the powerful adhesive tape, you can place these magnetic bottle holders in your refrigerator and cabinets, under your shelves or cabinets on the ceiling, basically everywhere you like. These storage and organization bottle lofts will give you the chance to keep bottles, cans, jars and any container with a metal lid neatly stored, leaving you much more free space to store the rest of your goods!

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