iPhone 5: the windmill of rumors and some truths

Let me start with the “truth” part: iPhone 5 will be a blast! That’s what the analysts expect and, sadly for Apple’s quarter results, that’s what the users await.

That’s why they stopped buying the 4S model and keep an eye on every news about iPhone 5. Therefore, Apple missed the expectations regarding its revenue with its $35 billion (analysts were waiting for 38 billion) and its smartphone sales, with only 26 million units. As a consequence, their stock kind of flopped. But that’s allright, because it will all make sense, when the iPhone 5 will be released, that’s why the investors aren’t that worried.

Why will the iPhone 5 be a hit? Well, as the rumours go, because of a sum of reasons.

First of all, it is supposed to have a bigger screen. Some say it will reach 5.3 inch, others say it will grow only to 3.75, but all it matters is the 3.5 inch model belongs to the past. In these days, Apple’s competitors have already began shipping smartphones with much bigger screens (Samsung Galaxy S III, for example).

Furthermore, its display will use the “in-cell” technology, which means the layer between the LCD and the touch sensors will be removed, thus making the dispay, and possibly the whole iPhone, thinner.

It is time for a new design as well, analysts say, and Apple hears that. Gene Munster thinks it will be like a smaller iPad. Cool enough for Apple fanboys?

The processor unit will surely be quad-core, and the operating systems, we all know, will be iOS 6.

What we don’t know is the launch date, but sources have indicated that it could be the 21st of September. You better circle that date in the calendar, because Apple wants to change the world once again. iPhone 5, we are waiting..

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