I Shoot People Novelty Mug

This I Shoot People Novelty Mug is an otherwise ordinary white ceramic coffee mug from Twisted Envy. Ordinary, that is, apart from the fact that it has “I Shoot People” printed on it below the image of a Pentax camera. It’s a great gift for both amateur and professional photographers, and lets them flaunt their shutterbug creeds while having a cup of tea or coffee. If this is not your cup of tea, Twisted Envy has a lot more such mugs with all kinds of funny and clever quips. One that says “To expect logic before I’ve had my morning coffee is not logical” is just perfect for Star Trek fans of Spock. They have everything from a “Dear Mum” mug to an “I’m Retired” mug, and even one that muses on “What is Life?”


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