eCool – Underground beer cooler

Do something great for yourself and the environment. The earth cooler is intended for the man who has everything. It’s easy to install in the garden or terrace, and uses no electricity. With the eCool you can always drink a cold beer with good conscience.

eCool - Underground beer cooler

The earth cooler is 113 cm in height, 22-30 cm in diameter and weighs 12 kg. It holds 24 33cl. (12oz) cans and can stay installed the whole year. It’s advised to use a garden drill, but can be installed with a shovel as well, if you’re a real man. The earth cooler’s top is very well insulated and maintains about the same cooled temperature throughout the whole container.

eCool - Underground beer cooler

The earth cooler from eCool is invented, developed and patented by four guys from Mors, a small island in northern Denmark. The parts are likewise produced and assembled on Mors by hand. All coolers are quality checked before distribution.

eCool - Underground beer cooler

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