Buster Dog Maze

The Buster Dog Maze drastically slows down a dog’s eating time. It is the new and daily challenge for all food’n fun loving dogs. The cleverly created maze has been designed to stimulate the senses and substantially prolong meals. The result – a healthier and happier dog! Start the fun by dropping either some treats or food into the deep and curved tracks. The dog can easily see, smell and even touch the food, but has to mobilize its intelligence to push the food to the exit holes in order to eat. Nearly half of all dog owners have an overweight pet that would benefit from this product as it is easier to reduce calories if the length of time the meal lasts is increased. This is a one-sized product which is uniquely designed to match almost all dog breeds and sizes. It is perfect for treats as well as big meals – the amount and size of the treats characterize the difficulty level. Smaller treats make for harder work! Use the Buster Dog Maze both indoors and outside as it’s molded in one piece and is solid enough to withstand anything from the rainy weather to being cleaned in the dishwasher. It is made of food-grade PP and is phthalate-free.

Buster Dog Maze

Buster Mini Dog Maze:

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