Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock

Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock projects the time and 1 of 4 dog images on the ceiling. There are 4 dog images to choose from: 2 dogs in a truck, Shepadoodle, Beagle, Golden Retriever. The projection images make a great nightlight! There is an optional timer for the projection time and image that can be set for 10 or 30 minutes. The dog’s head rotates 340 degrees. The clock projects the time and image on the ceiling up to 30 inches in diameter. The clock is super easy to use! Even a child can set the alarm. There is an AM and PM indicator, so a child will not get confused. Regular alarm clocks are boring, ugly and something we all dread in the morning. The Big Red Rooster Dog Projection Alarm Clock is fun and children will look forward to bedtime! Some might enjoy waking up too. Operates on 3 C batteries (not included) or an AC adaptor (included).

Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock Video:

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